Aaron Kellar

I had a plan... then, everything changed.  I became a pastor, and a musician.  Along the way I fell into my other passion, design.

I have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern graphics; it's what drives me to keep a devoted eye on the latest in typography, style, shapes, colors, etc...

If I wasn’t scribbling on my binder in class, I was making posters of my favorite athletes and superheroes to fill the walls of my room. I have been drawing, designing and creating all of my life, so 9 years ago I started developing my own brand, turning my hobby into my career. I enjoy coming alongside a client to help shape and develop a design that fits their needs and puts a relevant face on their brand.

So, if you find yourself in need of custom artwork or design for logos, business cards, flyers, posters, signage, or just about anything print, as well as website or on screen images, contact me and we'll get started!




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